Thursday, 23 September 2010

The Story of J (Introduction)


It all began with a book.

Robert Kiyosaki's "Rich Dad Poor Dad" and his ideas on how to remove yourself from the "Rat Race". It never occurred to this individual that his ideas applied to real estate and the laws governing this apllies only in USA.
It also never occurred to this individual that life will bring about lots of distractions and problems to hinder his progress to attain "Financial Freedom".

So it was thus that J was recommended to read this book and so it was on this fine day,  his goals in life were established and changed.

And he was happy, inspired and very much excited for what lay before him.

Getting to know J

Simple best describes J.

There is nothing at all interesting about him. He lives a simple and subdued existence and as the beginning of this story, is 23 years old and is serving National Service in Singapore.

His life has been one simple brainless ride all the way up till this point. He's dropped out of polytechnic after 2 years, not able to make it in a course decided by a coin toss between interest and security. Enrolled into National Service soon after and has always sided with the outcasts in school.

He doesn't smoke, drinks a little and at this juncture, is inspired to write a fictional high fantasy novel during his free time in the service. He loves video games and comic books, can live for extended periods of time away from social activities and is currently in his prime in terms of health and weight.

Looks wise, he's also just a regular Joe. You won't notice him in a crowd and you certainly won't want to flirt with him if given a chance. He doesn't have the aptitude to be particularly witty nor the charisma of a well bred noble. He does not have a great singing voice nor particular superiority in sports. He's just J....

His Friends

At this juncture, he has 3 long time friends.

M - A most irritating person who revels in sophistication, philosophy and delights in sounding high bred to the uninformed. In reality, he's a wonderful person who craves companionship and true friendship above all else. Despite meeting J in less then amicable situations and being treated with outright hostility, has somehow decided that J is a worthwhile friend to have. Maybe M's just a sadomasochist but that's difficult to tell. He's recently earned his Masters and will be moving on to greater things.

Al - Absolutely brilliant and smart. Al has been friends with J for the better part of 13 years at this time. Al is an enigma who obviously went through alot during his University life in Australia but came back changed and forever inspiring. The initial years of friendship were tumultuous with plenty animosity to go around but life has a sense of humor. He's always been there for J when it counts and J never forgets. AL is currently in the final stages of getting his PHD and is now officially an Australian.

AN - Another chance encounter that had lasted many years. Essentially from a completely different spectrum from J, AN belonged with the popular crowd in school but fate brought the 2 together and through repeated castings, forged a strong friendship based on many untold similarities. Another unlikely friendship from an unlikely time. AN currently works for a huge company and has a first class honors from a local institute. Great things await this person.

So how does a simple person like J get such high achieving friends?

How does this all play out and what is the purpose of this story?

That will be revealed with the next post for stories on The Story of J  (Revelation and Reality)

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Club Med Bintan Pt 1 (Pictures and Captions)

Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal

Melancholy of Travel
Bintan Resort Pool
Bintan Resort Pool View 2
Outstretched Pavilion and Boundless Ocean
Watering Hole (Beers, Cocktails and Mocktails)

Pathway to Room
Our Room!!!
Simple and all encompassing
Seaview Bed
Television, Stereo and a Relax Coach
Coach with Seaview
Flying trapeze (Yes, you can do it too)
The charming night view
Pre Buffet Buffet
Buffet with Singaporeans all around
Spent hours just lazing around....seriously